Check Box List Option in Text

Can we have a checkbox list as an option to bullets and number list in the text box? Like Google Keep, but within a canvas space.

This is a great suggestion @eric-holt-DU. :white_check_mark:

I can see this being particularly useful for listing out specific action items at the end of meetings and key takeaways.

I’m curious - from your experience, what are some other scenarios where you’d use a checkbox list in a workspace to support the work that you do? When you share your experience/use case, it helps us and other Bluscapers discover different ways to use the product.

Thanks for all your feedback!

Every quarter I set up a new course and have a checklist of all the things that need to happen: Update syllabus, Update the LMS, Set up Field Trip, Set up guest speakers. I also use checklist to plan out trips: Hotel, flights, dinner. I currently use Google Keep or Google Sheets with checkboxes, but want to say inside Bluescape and see the task that are complete and uncomplete.

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I can see how checklists can be extremely useful in your use case.

As a solution to stay inside Bluescape, I would recommend using the To-Do List template to achieve a similar outcome as a checklist.

Use notecards to mark down individual items in your list and move the notecards based on progress status. You can also order them based on priority level.

At a glance, you’re able to see your backlog of list items, items you’re currently working on, and the ones marked done.