Broken embed link

We use BS embed links to load workspace in an iframe.
If you follow the following steps, you will end up with the error

Refused to frame '' because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'self' * * * * *".

  • Load{workspace_id} in an iframe
  • Click the Meet Now button on top-right of the page and go to meeting screen
  • On top-left of the meeting screen click on project title

Hi @Amerehei,

Thanks for reporting the issue - I’m able to reproduce and will report this as a bug, and will get back to you with timeline for a fix.


@kkoechley I have the similar issue with{meetingId}

If you load an embedded url in an iframe, and then go to the meeting screen, you can see that the URL is like above mentioned and it works

But if you directly load meeting screen in an iframe it doesn’t work

Hi @Amerehei,

I’ve added this to the bug ticket, and I will let you know when i have any additional information.

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