Bluescape home page missing option to create a workspace

On initial set-up I was not able to get past the ‘create a new team’ Dialogue - It said there was an issue that wasn’t my fault. after a few tries I hit ‘back’ and had to re-log in… only when I did my screen looks like this… No ‘create workspace’ option. How should I proceed?

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Welcome to the Bluescape Community @Sketchling!
I’ve notified our engineering team and they are investigating the issue. We will update you with a solution as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Hi @Sketchling,

We have identified the issue and are looking into fixing it. We’ll follow up once the resolution is available. Thanks again for your patience!

Hi @Sketchling , the previous signup didn’t complete due to an issue on our backend. We’ve cleared that now. Please try to sign up again through

Please update here if you still encounter issues with this.


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