Ability to drag and drop images from another browser window


I hope I’m not doing anything wrong here, but having a drag & drop feature work with images from another browser window would be very helpful.

Also, I’d like to disable the “How do you want to paste this?” dialog for images to have a faster workflow.

Thank you!

Hi @Sander_Joon
We are investigating newer and better ways of interacting with images and bringing in photos from your preferred resources. As of yet, there haven’t been many requests to support dragging & dropping images from an external website. We’ll keep a close eye on any enquires for this capability and add it to the product roadmap when we have more requests.

Hi @Vivek.Acharya
Thank you for a quick reply!
I would use it mainly to quickly drag and drop images straight from Pinterest, Google Image search and other sites. But for now, Copy Image → Paste in Bluescape → hitting [Enter] also works :slight_smile: