Wishlist of Changes

Can you please add an option to let video instantly replay? Because this feature doesn’t exist I have to create low res gifs and my presentations look low quality. This has been my #1 frustration for years and would make my job so much easier if you could just enable autoreplay.

Also for videos could you please remove the huge bar that sits on top of the video with a purple play button and the title? It’s an eyesore and frankly unnecessary… if someone wanted to add a title they could just do it with a text box. Please get rid of this grey box it ruins the layout and arrangement of boards.

Can you please also let images be cropped? I feel like that is a simple feature you can do in almost any editing program and it makes our workflow so slow without it.

Lastly, scaling an image and trying to get it to snap to the size of a nearby image is frustratingly challenging. It should be one of the easiest things to do but for some reason takes like 10 tries and a lot of zooming in.

In general I wish bluescape had the user interface and capability of something like Figma. Thanks!

Hey there, @alyssa. :wave:
This is all excellent feedback! Thanks so much for sharing your wishlist. Seems like a great time of year to be doing so, though I can’t promise any late-night rooftop deliveries on December 24th. :santa:t4:

  • This is interesting. I’m curious under what scenarios you have been converting videos to GIFs. Are you doing this only for content when you are presenting? Or would you want to be able to leave a video auto-replaying continuously in a workspace? thinking

  • I have experienced similar frustration with this, both with regard to video content, web content, and placed files like PDFs. Other members may find the information in those banners useful. Since you present often, were you aware that those banners are not visible in Present :present: mode? You can group select multiple objects or use a canvas to present.

  • I’ll pass this feedback on to our product team. If you have any screen recording capabilities and wish to share an example, that is also really helpful. :+1: Thanks.
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Hey, thanks so much for your quick response! Happy to hear about the changes coming soon.

In response to the first two comments I think sharing about how our team works/presents could help with context. We use Bluescape mainly in 2 ways - 1 as a scrappy work in progress where designers will post updates as they create new work and everyone just views casually. 2 - to present to upper management/directors. In both cases the boards are quite large with lots of imagery in the form of jpegs, video, and gifs (each designer has their own board.) The content on the videos can be anything from animated 3d models to motion graphics. When we are far into a projects there’s probably over 100 things on a board.

For reviews we tend to scroll through organized pieces and ideas as we speak to them & in general need to be able to quickly go back and forth between content as we have discussion. Being able to see all the work at the same time is important for this. Thus… the long winded answer for why present mode doesn’t really work for our circumstances since you view content one piece at a time - we like to see the whole picture. Maybe there could be a mode/option in the ‘view settings’ to remove banners?

As for the video replay, you can see now how it creates a hiccup in presenting to have to zoom in and click it to replay every couple seconds/minute. Even in our scrappy bluescape it would be nice to auto replay (a lot of our videos are created to loop seamlessly.) I think just leaving the video to auto-replay continuously in the workspace would be ideal as you mentioned above.

Sorry for the long explanation but hope that’s helpful! Thanks again


Are you kidding - long explainations are super informative. :+1: Thanks , @alyssa.
We are actively working to connect with the proper subject matter expert and gather up-to-date information for you. Thank you for being so patient. :smiley: You’ll hear from us next week. Have a great weekend!

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Our developers are happy to hear you’re all big picture kind of people. Bluescape is excellent for being able to get a birds-eye view.

About video replay, this is an existing feature requested, and your feedback has re-sparked discussion. :dizzy: I’ll leave it in the capable hands of our developers and follow up should we have good news for you in the future.

Lastly, I tried to recreate the image behaviors you were describing in a workspace of my own. Can you please confirm whether my resizing of the image on the right (see below) is what you are experiencing?
Image sizing guides appear inconsistently

Thank you, @alyssa.

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