What is the process for an On-Prem instance to unarchive a workspace?

I am currently working on unarchiving an Internal Workspace. I cannot find any topic relating to which instance/node I need to log in to in order for me to change the tables and make this active again. Can you help?

Support Note
For an on-prem instance the local IT will need to follow the process below to unarchive a workspace.

Hey @kayoh great question!

Please read below:

An archived workspace can only be recovered if the workspace ID is known, which is contained in the URL of the workspace.

Note: Deleted workspaces cannot be recovered because they have been removed from the database.


  1. Get the workspace ID or Workspace name.
  2. One method is to use the link in the invitation email sent to users. If you have been invited to the workspace, the workspace ID is in the URL referenced in the ‘Access Workspace’ button. Email Subject: “You can now access < Organization Name >”

Some of the ways of identifying the workspace do start you off with its uid value (such as looking at an email invitation, or cases where somebody sent the URL of the workspace to a coworker), in which case you can first do a query (step 2) based on the uid to find the numeric ID value.

  1. Update the details in bold with the details from step 1 using one of the below calls, to find the ID.
  • To find the ID with the workspace name:
    • SELECT * FROM user_management_< instance-name >_new.workspace where name like ‘%< name of the ws >%’;
  • To find the ID with the workspace ID:
    • SELECT * FROM user_management_app.workspace where uid like ’ ws ID ';
  1. To update the delete_at column on the workspace and user_workspace tables. Take the ID from the output of step 2. Update the details in bold .
  • To update the workspace table:
    UPDATE user_management_<instance-name>_new . workspace SET deleted_at = Null WHERE ( id = ’ 1222559 ');
  • To update the user_workspace table:
    UPDATE user_management_<instance-name>_new . user_workspace SET deleted_at = Null WHERE ( workspace_id = ’ 1222559 ');
  1. Now you should be able to see the archived workspace in the workspace list.

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