Sharing a Workspace: 5 People to Bring Your Ideas to Greatness


The Power of Your Ideas
What an amazing feeling when you can make real progress with heads-down work and minimize distractions! Especially great is the ability to pull from that nebulous morphing cloud idea :partly_sunny: :face_in_clouds: in your head into tangible working material - whether a concept photo collage or even clustered notecards in your workspace.

But you shouldn’t go too long without valuable outside input.

The Even Greater Power of Collaboration on Your Ideas
Bringing in different perspectives and domain expertise can be a real game changer for any project.

Oftentimes, a successful launch of any kind can’t be done without some type of outside guidance - even if it’s getting expert tips from an article or social video. Tip: I’ll typically add these right into my workspace too.

More often than not though we need to collaborate directly with other teammates and even departments with specialty skills or those who have different organizational knowledge on how to get something done.

Bringing all the right people together has never been easier than in your workspace. Once you’ve shared your workspace, everyone can get a shared understanding of your goals and capture feedback in real-time.

And sometimes sharing a workspace can be as simple as strengthening a relationship like showing what you did on your last vacation. After all, you might just be helping the next person plan his or next bucket list trip! Dare we say grazie?! :airplane:

Any 5 of these personas of which we all easily have access to in our day to day will have you unblocking blockers and opening magical doors of inspiration in no time :door::

the creative

the creative
At work: your marketing maven

  • is sure to punch up the copy and refine on a campaign concept

In life: your artist friend

  • will be happy to provide images to pin for creative direction

the decision maker

the decision maker

At work: your manager

  • provides valuable strategic feedback and direction

In life: you :wink:

  • you have the reins - use your workspace to visualize all the pieces to put into action

the organizer

the organizer

At work: your project manager

  • can help clarify resources and achievable timelines

In life: your social-planning friend

  • will quickly breakout canvases for event theme inspiration, calendar, and an event itinerary that is the envy of all :star_struck:

the challenger

the challenger

At work: your sales rockstar

  • will help you push past your perceived limits in your next video call

In life: your over-achiever friend

  • will be your best cheerleader to keep going with reactions on goal assets in your workspace

the analytical

the analytical

At work: your metrics guru

  • will help with clarifying the data to make better decisions using the laser pointer

In life: your budget cruncher parent

  • gives perspective on where to push the gas vs. the brakes on your planning

the builder

the builder

At work: your engineer

  • provides useful details and flow on the resources and architecture needed in construction phase in a diagram

In life: your resourceful neighbor

  • provides helpful crowdsourced knowledge on the best places to source supplies from

the dreamer

the dreamer

At work: your design team

  • they’re great at thinking through what will be the best experience to launch with example screenshots and images

In life: YOU :star2: :sparkles:

  • Now you can go from just dreaming to visualizing those dreams into reality in your workspace :rocket: