Is there a way to generate thumbnail preview?

Asking for a friend: How would we generate a thumbnail preview of the Bluescape workspace from API?

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At the moment there isn’t a way for an third-party developer to do this directly via our APIs. We are cooking something up, but it is not ready for mainstream use.

If your friend has any specific uses/features they are looking for please pass them along, there’s still time to adjust what we have coming :smiley:

As Rory mentioned, we do have something coming to make this much easier via API, but if need this right away, you can still render the workspace elements yourself by doing an element query for a workspace.

You can return all elements in a workspace, elements in a particular workspace canvas, or elements in a given viewport - then you could use the returned elements to render them (with svg for example) based on the returned vector data and/or images in the workspace.

You can find more information by looking at the elements query in graphQL:

or for REST:

You can also find a number of examples on how to do workspace queries by looking at our postman collections and sample apps in our community github: GitHub - Bluescape/community: Bluescape community for code samples that show developers how to use our public v3 APIs

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