Interactive buttons


I need to create an interactive link or button, and listen to onClick event on that link/button when user click on it I would like to so some action, for example move pane to a specific coordination and zoom in/out, or show another link to user and hide the current link, or show a message to user

How can I add a link/button using Bluescape API? or manually?

Hi @Amerehei,

We understand the need for interactive buttons, and this feature is currently in our backlog and we will announce once we have a timeline. We do, however, currently have subscription events, that can be accessed via our graphQL subscriptions (which require a socket connection) but we don’t currently have an event for element onClick. There are a number of events you can subscribe to including adding a comment to an element, creating/updating/moving an element, etc.

Regarding pan/zoom with API: our APIs are not designed to move the viewport in a window for zoom/scale. These are handled by the user in our client only by design. Our APIs are used for querying elements in a workspace, creating/updating elements in a workspace, or listening to subscription events in a workspace to know if a user moves an element, or updates and element, etc.

Can you clarify exactly what you are looking to accomplish and we can see if there is a solution with our current APIs that could work for you?


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Hi @Amerehei,

We have added some new API functionality that can now allow you to create a custom button “Power-UP” on an element, and subscribe to the button press event! While this feature is still only API only, I hope this can help you achieve some new powerful use cases that require user interaction.