Video 'Play' Button is not Visible to the Eye when a Video Starts on a White Screen

The ‘Play’ button is not visible to users when a video is uploaded with a white background. However, the play button is actually present on uploaded videos but can’t be seen due to the thumbnail being white and the actual video starting on a white screen. The thumbnail is a transparent grey, very light grey almost white and the play triangle is white. The user has to double click in the center of the video to play the video or have the video start on a different color background other than white for the ‘play’ button to be visible.

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Thank you,, for bringing this up and working behind the scenes to get this looked at.

Anyone else experiencing this same thing, please vote on this topic. :+1:t4:

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You’re welcome, Michelle! We’re working on a feature enhancement that will work across light and dark backgrounds.