Template to Drive Competitive Advantage

As a product manager, I am used to thinking about a few factors before solving problems for the Bluescape product. We consider customers’ emotions and market context as vital factors when problem-solving. If not properly researched before decisions are made, the proposed solutions may not be successful in the long term.

Below is a screenshot of a custom template my team created and frequently uses to assess the market landscape and analyze our competition.

This template helps our team:

  1. Identify our product’s unique value proposition
  2. Understand how our product differs from our competitors
  3. Identify areas of opportunity in the marketplace

Not only does this template help our team, but it also informs sales, marketing, and product positioning efforts.

Together with customer reviews, this template facilitates discussions around features that are missing in our competitors’ products and identifies gaps we could fill in our product. It also creates a space where our team’s ideas collide and discussions lead to detailed nuances of the product requirements where we can then prioritize features based on user impact. As a part of this discovery, we list down security, performance, and usability concerns that drive us to an optimal solution.

When we have enough detailed information populated in this template, it gives us a benchmark to measure product growth.

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@Vivek.Acharya Thanks for sharing this. It’s cool to see the product team using a custom template created to suit your needs. I recently shared on a webinar that I prefer creating custom templates because it helps me build the right amount of structure for repetitive tasks. Great minds think alike. :wink:

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