Subscribe to boundingBox changes

The is no boundingBox field when I subscribe to UpdateElementCommand, So how can I track it?

Hi @Amerehei,

You can’t subscribe to boundingBox for an element, because it is simply the space an element takes on screen, the events that impact boundingBox are if you change the scale or width/height. I do see your dilemma that you want to know the boundingBox when an element changes - and we only return transform and the style or rotateZ if those values have been updated.

Currently, if you want to get the boundingBox of an element that was updated, you will need to query the element to get boundingBox.

Let me speak to our engineering/product team to see if we can improve this functionality to remove the need to query an element when you get a subscription event. It would be helpful to get what you need from the event directly.

I’ll let you know what I can find out, but in the meantime, let me know if the boundingBox query works for you.


As a separate query to get boundingBox introduces more delay and it’s a realtime application, While technically it works, it’s not the BEST solution

If Bluescape can provide them in subscription it’s the perfect way for me otherwise I need to re-apply transformation to the element to calculate bounding box and it need some developing effort

Thank you again

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