HistoryCommand. actorType

It seems actorType is an enum, in the graphql documentation is it documented as String!
May I know the possible values of actorType?

Hi @Amerehei ,

With graphQL subscriptions, the actorType is a String as noted in the documentation, and the 2 available values are:

  • "actorType": "USER"
  • "actorType": "WALL"

Actor is the actor that initiated the event, and most events are initiated by a USER. Additionally you can then get the user’s id (or WALL id) from actorId.

Who is WALL?
What is the actorType if event is initiated programatically by calling API?

Hi @Amerehei,

If * "actorType": "WALL" this indicates that the event was generated from our WALL client, which are the physical touch screen devices. Each device wall has a unique id just like a user has a unique userId.

When creating a bearer token to be used by APIs, the token is tied to the user that authorized access.

The API calls would then use the bearer token and those calls:

  • inherit all the permissions of the user
  • actorType would also be “USER”
  • actorId would be the userId that granted access.

I hope this helps! If you have any additional questions just us know.


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