December 2023 API Release Notes

Support Note
Release 23.12.1
December 2023 Release Notes

New API Changes

  1. Added API support for line label to add text to line element
  2. Added PlaceTemplateInput mutation to add template to a workspace

v3 Known Issues


  • PATCH for Browser: after modifying height/width, the preview image does not scale or changes (WEBC-10223)
  • Getting status code 200 OK while updating elements with type only and no actual changes (ELE-677).
  • cropping is not working when creating a new image element (ELE-1026)

GraphQL APIs

  • fontSize can be returned from query as a FLOAT when schema indicates return of INT. Use round when using query output fontSize in mutation input fontSize:INT.
  • createReaction mutation: an actor can create multiple Reactions of different types on an element, but only one reaction of specific type per actor is allowed. An UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY error will be returned if a reaction of specific type by this actor already exists on the element
  • Stroke scale does not account for stroke brushWidth (ELE-622)
  • totalItems field returns null when passed as part of a fragment (AD-11423)
  • GraphQL gateway returns error code 500 for other backend errors, such as 401, 403, 404, it is necessary to examine error message in detail to get correct error (AD-11474)
  • Not able to crop the image with createImage mutation (ELE-1026)

That’s all for this update. You’re ready to dive in! :arrow_right: :bluescape_home:

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