Cannot find Google authentication to login


I just created an account because this is what the company I will be interviewing for is using. I used Google SSO to create an account.
I clicked on the link the company I’m interviewing for provided to make sure I am able to login, but I don’t see the Google SSO button. It’s only asking me for an email address and password.

Hi @dev.marc. Thanks for reaching out! The link that was shared with you is likely to a separate environment that the company you are interviewing for uses and does not have Google SSO enabled. They should have invited you to the workspace which would have resulted in you receiving an email invitation from Bluescape. Please use the link in the email invitation to set up your account. Best of luck with the interview!

Thank you, Stefanie for replying.
The screenshot provided was the only link that I received from the company. There was no email invitation from Bluescape that followed. Since there was no register link (in the above screenshot) I went ahead and created an account directly through the website instead, and used Google SSO. Now I think I should delete that account and start over. I will reach out to the recruiting coordinator as well to figure out if there’s a missing email invitation from them.

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