September 2022 API Release Notes

Release: 22.09.1 (September 16, 2022)

new API changes

  1. GraphQL and Rest added Icon workspace element
  2. GraphQL added deleteWorkspace mutation
  3. Added webm enum to VideoFormat

v3 Known issues


  • createShape and updateShape have max width/height of 10,000 (ELE-846)
  • PATCH for Browser: after modifying height/width, the preview image does not scale or changes (WEBC-10223)
  • Getting status code 200 OK while updating elements with type only and no actual changes (ELE-677).

GraphQL APIs

  • createShape and updateShape mutations do not support fontSize in text block span
  • createShape and updateShape mutations have max width/height of 10,000 (ELE-846)
  • Stroke scale does not account for stroke brushWidth (ELE-622)
  • pageSize parameter does not have effect on number or returned results when listing users, always returns 25 results (AD-11378)
  • totalItems field returns null when passed as part of a fragment (AD-11423)
  • GraphQL gateway returns error code 500 for other backend errors, such as 401, 403, 404, it is necessary to examine error message in detail to get correct error (AD-11474)

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