It's hard to work with Playground UI

Bluescape uses a customized UI for GraphQL playground, comparing to default UI and latest version of GraphQL playground it has some disadvantages and hard to work with

  • When I want to work with nested object, I have no space to write queries
  • If I click on fields, they don’t automatically add/remove to query
  • I have to write all of query manually

I tried to use online playgrounds like graphqlbin but I get CORS error when I add schema URL

hi @Amerehei,

We are working to migrate to the Altair graphQL playground client: This work should be completed soon, and I will announce when it is ready.

I hope this playground solves the issues you have been facing with the layout.

Regarding loading our schema in your own playground client, I’ll have to confirm with our engineering/security team regarding the CORS issue.

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