How Callaway Golf Uses Bluescape to Streamline Pre-Production ⛳

The intense pressure of only having one day to film multiple shoots is undoubtedly an overwhelming task. For Callaway Golf, production happens with numerous professional athletes simultaneously, making scheduling efficiency and coordination vital to filming success.

Bluescape enables the Callaway Golf team to create a daily production schedule for each golf player during pre-production, using shapes and notecards for each activity.

Check out the video down below!

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Super cool to hear how Callaway uses Bluescape! I work for a small media company, and my colleague and I created a production itinerary for a tv commercial similar (but much smaller in scale) to Callaway.

Attached is a screenshot of a production itinerary we created in Bluescape. I hid many production details, but this itinerary template helped us stay on time and pace to accomplish film shoots with a quick turnaround. Sticky notes were easy to drag around if a scene shot location changed to a different time of day.

Does anyone else design their itineraries this way in Bluescape? Yours is probably better than mine, so I’m super curious to learn from you all and see how you use sticky notes or customize templates!