Bluescape API Overview

The Bluescape API is a REST API that can be accessed through explicit HTTP calls. These APIs expose most of the features available in the Bluescape product. The Bluescape API enables developers to programmatically create, upload, and update content within Bluescape workspaces. Applications are able to pull data and files from external sources like databases, content management systems and cloud storage and push them into Bluescape workspaces with ease. Organizations are free to move beyond the Bluescape web and Wall interfaces for integrating the Bluescape visual layer into their collaboration and decision-making processes. Bluescape’s GraphQL service will be coming soon in order to further extend the API’s capabilities. This will not replace the REST APIs, and only serves to add additional tools for developers.

Basic Concepts

Each Bluescape user is a member of one or more organizations. A Workspace belongs to one organization, but an organization can have any number of workspaces that belong to it. Every workspace has an owner, and optionally, one or more collaborators.


The above diagram illustrates a number of important concepts:

  • User A is a member of both Organization A and Organization B. User B is only a member of Organization B.
  • Workspace X was created by User A inside of Organization A. User B will never be able to access Workspace X since User B is not a member of Organization A.
  • Workspace Y was created by User A inside of Organization B. Workspace Y is marked private, and therefore, User B must be added as a collaborator in order to have access. In this case, User B was added as a collaborator with the Editor role, therefore they will have access to Workspace Y.
  • Workspace Z was created by User B inside of Organization B. Workspace Z is marked public, and therefore, User A has access to it even though they have not been added as a collaborator because all members of Organization B have access to public workspaces belonging to that organization.

Getting Started

Getting started with Bluescape API is easy, and developers should be able to create basic applications in minutes. Here are the first steps to take:

  1. Log in to your Bluescape account
  2. Create an application (more details in the Application Registration page)
  3. Implement the OAuth flow
  4. Issue your first requests

Where to Next?

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