Would be nice to link community account to Bluescape account so that users don't have to create a separate login to post

Hello Community team,

I was introducing the Community to a customer who had a good piece of feedback:

"It would be nice to not have to create a separate account to post in the community. We have so many things we need to sign into these days already.

If you can access the community from the ‘Need Help?’ option in the workspace, it would make sense that your community site would be linked to your Bluescape account."

Interested in hearing what your response would be regarding the logic behind why customers are required to create an account for the community so that I can share this back with the customer.

Thank you!

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Hey Maria - can you confirm they’re using the “with Bluescape Connect” option when they come to the community forums? That allows them to use their Bluescape account. They should only need to use that once (or if they are gone for a while), and select a username - it should be a seamless login otherwise.

I will admit it isn’t a perfect solution, but I’ll save you the technical reasoning for now :smiley: