Windows Wall Lobby Basic Features and Functions for Customers

This document outlines customer functions around Microsoft Windows Wall Lobby.

How to capture the Bluescape release version from your Lobby screen

  1. Launch the Bluescape Enterprise software on the Windows wall.
  2. Select System Info on the Lobby screen.
  3. Look for the version next to Release (for example, 2X.0X.X).

How to manually update the Bluescape application using Apps & features

  1. Ensure the Bluescape Enterprise application is closed completely.
  2. Using Windows search, search and open Apps & features.
  3. Select Blusecape Enterprise.
  4. Select Modify > Yes.
  5. At Setup - Blusecape Enterprise, select Update components > Next.
  6. Launch the Bluescape Enterprise application.
  7. Select System Info and verify the Release version is current.

How to restart/shutdown the controller from the Lobby screen

To Launch the Bluescape Enterprise software on the Windows wall:

  1. Select System info.
  2. Select :settings: (Settings) to open the System Control pane.
  3. Select Restart Controller or Shutdown Controller.

Where to Next?

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