[WEBINAR] Build in Bluescape Live Session: Visualize Your Ideas with Popsync :poppy:, Aug. 31, 2022

Where do your best ideas come from? A muse? A dream? Or maybe they’re beamed from space?

On August 31st, the Community and Sales teams hosted “Make Your Next Creative Project Pop,” a virtual session as part of our Build in Bluescape series. @JamesWord and @Lauren explored the power of Popsync and how it’s an effective tool to spark inspiration for your creative ideas. We also sprinkled in a few Popsync tips and tricks along the way. :sunglasses:

For anyone who may have missed it, check out our live recording below!

Build in Bluescape: Make Your Next Creative Project Pop

In this session, we brainstorm three ways to create an eye-catching banner ad for an electric sports car in record time - all using Popsync.

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