Viewing Asset Information (Web)

You can view object information in the workspace, such as the member who created the object and the last member to edit it. This information is known as metadata.

Note: This data will vary slightly depending on the asset. However, all assets will display the information marked with an asterisk (*).

Metadata can include:

  • File type
  • Title
  • Dimensions
  • File size
  • Created date*
  • Creator* - Displays which member added the asset to the workspace
  • Edited date* - Indicates when a member performed any of the following actions on the asset:
    • Adding editing, or removing text
    • Repositioning
    • Resizing
    • Changing color, border, or shape style
    • Adding or removing strokes
  • Last editor* - Displays which member edited the asset last

You cannot view the metadata for:

To view an asset’s metadata:

  1. Click the desired asset in the workspace. A blue border highlights the asset, and a toolbar displays.
  2. Click :more_options: (More) in the toolbar. A context menu opens.
  3. Click the Info option and the asset’s metadata displays.

Metadata has always been there, and now you can find, use, preserve, and re-use the data collected in a workspace.

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