Using the Popsync Feature in a Bluescape Workspace

Bluescape members can access Popsync image search directly in a Bluescape workspace.

Popsync is a distinctive image search tool that enables users to search for images across multiple sources, for example, Google Images, gettyimages, Stock, Unsplash, and more.

This topic outlines using Popsync in a Bluescape workspace.

Populating images from Popsync into a Bluescape workspace

  1. Sign on as a Bluescape member. In the toolbar on the left, a Popsync icon (Poppy the Popsync parrot) is present.
  2. Select :poppy: (Popsync). A Popsync image search appears.
    popsync image search dialog
  3. Perform a multi-source search by using the default star icon (Top Resources), or click the star icon, select the individual repository you’d like to search and select Populate.

    Note: Search criteria for each provider is slightly different so you may see non-relevant images based on each provider.

  4. Images from your selected resources appear:

  5. Right-select an image you would like to use. Images can be pinned, resized, downloaded, duplicated, or dragged to a different part of the workspace for use.
    image options

demo video

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