Using the Popsync Feature in a Bluescape Workspace

Bluescape members can access Popsync image search directly in a Bluescape workspace.

Popsync is a distinctive image search tool that enables users to search for images across multiple sources, for example, Google Images, gettyimages, Stock, Unsplash, and more.

This topic outlines using Popsync in a Bluescape workspace:

video popsync in workspace

Populating images from Popsync into a Bluescape workspace

  1. Sign on as a Bluescape member. In the toolbar on the left, a Popsync icon (Poppy the Popsync parrot) is present.

  2. Select :poppy: (Popsync). A Popsync image search appears.

  3. To customize your Popsync search, select Resources Icon Resources to discover a list of all individual image sources offered. You can multi-select which image repositories you wish to Popsync search.

    Note: If you have a gettyimages account, you can log in within the workspace to download images without the watermark. Once logged on, you remain signed onto your gettyimages account within the workspace.

    By default, the toggle for Exclude offensive content is ON. This feature excludes potentially offensive or inappropriate content on some image resources.

  4. Select Search. Images from your selected resources appear:

  5. View more results by selecting Show more results at the bottom of a canvas. The canvas will automatically expand, containing nine new images.

    Note: The canvas will not expand and populate new results if existing content blocks the space below.

  6. Select an image you would like to use. You have the freedom to pin, comment, react using emojis, or present the image in the toolbar below. Click :more_options: More options to engage more with your selected image.

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This is a time savings compared to running a search engine query the old way. I love seeing image results without watermarks, then using them right away in the Bluescape Workspace!

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