Using Popsync Powered by Bluescape :poppy:

You can use the website to start your Bluescape journey!

Popsync is a distinctive image search tool that enables users to search for images across multiple sources, such as Google Images, gettyimages, Stock, Unsplash, and more.

This topic outlines using the Popsync website to perform an image search to start your Bluescape experience.

Using Popsync Image Search at

  1. Go to

  2. Google Images, Unsplash, and gettyimages are auto-selected as resources by default. To keep the default selection, skip to step 3.

    To customize your Popsync search, select Resources Icon Resources to discover a list of all individual image sources offered. You can multi-select which image repositories you wish to Popsync search.

  3. Enter your image query and select Search.

  4. Images from your selected resources appear.

    Note: Search criteria for each provider is slightly different, so you may see non-relevant images based on each provider.

  5. Right-select an image you would like to use. Images can be pinned, resized, downloaded, duplicated, or dragged to a different part of the workspace for use.

    Note: Images returned from gettyimages can be used in the workspace and can be downloaded with a watermark at this time.

  6. Select :poppy: Popsync in the toolbar to perform a search for additional images.

Saving a workspace

Once you’ve chosen the image(s) for use, you can save your workspace.

  1. At the top of the page, select Save workspace.
    Save workspace
  2. Current Bluescape members can log in to Bluescape to save their workspace. New members receive instructions on how to create a free Bluescape account.
  3. Once you have logged on to Bluescape, your Bluescape Home appears.
  4. Select your Popsync powered by Bluescape workspace.
    Popsync workspace - Bluescape Home
  5. The Workspace settings appear. Make any updates and press Save Changes.
  6. This “claims” your workspace so you can use it later.

Note: Any additional users are disconnected when you claim your workspace.

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