Using Popsync by Bluescape

You can use the website to start your Bluescape journey!

Popsync is a distinctive image search tool that enables users to search for images across multiple sources, such as Bing Images, Google Images, Unsplash, and more.

This topic outlines using the Popsync website to perform an image search to start your Bluescape experience.

Searching for images from

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your image query and select Search. You may see search suggestions as you start typing in your query. You can also select one of those recommendations keywords.

  3. Images from your selected resources appear. You can add additional image search providers at the top of the page.

    Note: Search criteria for each provider are slightly different, so you may see non-relevant images based on each provider.
  4. Individually hover over the images you want to work with. Add them to your collection by selecting Add. Once you’ve collected your image(s), select View collection to view them in a workspace.

    BluePro Tip: You can also download images to your local drive by selecting the :download: (Download) button when hovering over an image.

After you select View collection, you can work with your image(s) using Bluescape tools in your workspace. select Search for additional images using the search field in the top left corner of your workspace.

Search for more images using this search box at the top of your workspace:


Saving a workspace

You must log on to Bluescape or create a new Bluescape account to save a Popsync workspace. You have several options for signing on to or creating a Bluescape account:

  • From the start page.
  • After performing a Popsync image search.
  • After selecting View collection on the search results page.

Once you’ve logged on and chosen the image(s) for use, you can save your workspace.

  1. At the top of the page, select Save workspace.
    Save workspace from the upper right
  2. The Workspace settings dialog box appears. Name your workspace, select your team (if applicable), and optionally add a description. Then, select Save Changes to save your workspace.

Discover Popsync today! :bluescape_home: