Using Cloud Storage with Popsync

Support Note
Connecting cloud storage with Popsync is a premium feature. If you’re unsure whether your Team has this feature/capability/integration, please reach out to your IT department.

Integrating Cloud Storage into Popsync

As the use of cloud storage has become increasingly prevalent, many of us have found ourselves with our image assets scattered across different providers. It can become troublesome to locate specific pictures or documents without having to search multiple locations. Fortunately, Popsync has come to the rescue with its ability to integrate with your Box account to search your cloud drive images along with Popsync’s existing image search providers.

Use Existing Popsync Image Search Providers

With Popsync’s existing image search providers, users can search for photos based on keywords and, subsequently, similar images from their search results. The added integration with cloud storage providers only expands the power of Popsync’s search capabilities. For those who rely on cloud storage as their primary means of storing photos, Popsync’s ability to search across multiple platforms proves invaluable.

Popsync and Security

Moreover, Popsync’s integration with Box provides additional security and reliability when searching for images. Users can trust that their images are being kept safe on their preferred cloud providers while still being easily accessible through Popsync’s search tool.

Adding Multiple Users to a Box or OneDrive Business Account

Team Administrators for Bluescape Pro and Business tiers can now seamlessly integrate a Box or OneDrive Business/Enterprise account into their team from Bluescape Home Admin, providing team members with a shared repository for searching and downloading images. This centralized solution eliminates the hassle of managing multiple licenses and spares users from the costly and time-consuming task of replacing or upgrading their existing DAM solution.

Current Cloud Storage Providers

Currently, Bluescape allows access to the following cloud drive services. For instructions, select the link below:

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