Using a Large Screen Touch Display with the Bluescape Native App (Beta)

Support Note
This feature/capability/integration/app is currently in Beta and requires a manual installation if you wish to leverage it immediately. Otherwise, we are working to have it available soon.

Bluescape is excited to announce a Beta release for the Bluescape Native App. This Beta is designed to improve the functionality of the Bluescape native app for desktops and enable it to support large touchscreen displays, replacing the Bluescape wall client. The goal is to create a single client to support desktop and wall/large screen displays.


This new application eliminates the need for the current Wall client, which does not support new Bluescape features.


The Bluescape Beta is now available for customers using Microsoft Windows with access to a large touchscreen display. Users can easily provision and manage their large display from the Configuration Center, which allows them to update their settings based on their organizational needs.

Accessing the Beta

Access to this Beta requires the involvement of Bluescape. Reply below to this topic and indicate your interest. A member of our team will contact you with installation instructions. Once this feature is enabled, share your feedback with the Bluescape Community.

The Bluescape Beta for large touchscreen displays represents a significant step in creating a more seamless and productive workspace experience. Combining desktop and large display capabilities into a single client is a game-changer for organizations looking to maximize their productivity. Try this innovative new feature and let us know what you think!

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