Top 5 Features to Know as an Educator Using Bluescape

Using a new tool for your course is both exciting and daunting. We’re here to make it easier for everyone. Based on observation of Bluescape EDU members and various course curriculums, these are the top 5 features to get familiar with as you begin using Bluescape in your class.

1. Navigation :select:

Navigation is simple; however, it does change based on what you’re most comfortable with; trackpad, mouse, or touch gestures. Keep those first classes easy by learning navigation tips and shortcuts early on.

BluePro Tip: Keyboard shortcuts saves time and helps you transition faster between workspace options.

2. Adding Content :upload:

What’s a course without course material? Upload various content to your workspace, including images, documents, and videos.

3. Templates :template:

There is nothing more refreshing than only having to set up a class once. Templates provide automatic structure if you’re looking for a starting point. You can also create and save your own. Read more about our top templates for educators and how to make your custom template.

4. Lead/Follow

This feature is an essential component of creating a dynamic classroom. Leading a workspace gives you navigation control, while following allows others to guide you.
Active Leader

5. Present :present:

There are multiple ways you can present content in a workspace. Discover what methods work best for your teaching style.

You’re ready to prep your workspace! :bluescape_home: