Top 5 Features to Know as a Student Using Bluescape

As a student, you’ll likely use many programs and tools in a single semester. Bluescape is meant to be simple, fun, and engaging. To get you started, here are the top five features you need to know to spend less time learning the tool and more time using Bluescape.

1. Navigation :select:

The class workspace may start small when the semester begins, but it’s bound to grow. Knowing how to navigate the virtual space is essential to find all your course material.

2. Search :search:

Find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it. Search for canvases, documents, images, and more to navigate directly to a specific piece of content.

3. Lead/Follow

Whether it’s time for you to give a presentation or listen to a lecture, knowing how to lead the workspace or follow others is essential when many people are collaborating in the workspace.
Active Leader

4. Add Content + Popsync :poppy:

Uploading documents, videos, webpages, and more is an easy way to start contributing to the workspace. Use Popsync to find images fast and add them to your projects and presentations.

5. Comments :comments:

Have a question for your professor or a group member? Use comments to communicate with others in the workspace. That way, you don’t have to track down answers in different places.

Where to Next?

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