Submitting a Workspace Issue

Trouble loading a workspace? Challenges performing actions while working within a workspace? If you experience these and similar technical difficulties (whether with or in a workspace), you can relay this information to Bluescape Support by completing the Report Workspace Issue form. This process allows you to report workspace-specific technical difficulties with efficiency and ease, reducing the time and effort Bluescape Support requires to research the issue.

To submit a workspace issue:

  1. From your My Bluescape portal or the Workspace Details page, click the (Options) icon for the workspace that you are having issues with.

  2. From the menu that opens, click Report workspace issue.
    report workspace issue from options

  3. Complete the Report workspace issue form, ensuring all content is accurate.

  4. If you select Wall (Large touchscreen monitor) in the Target Device field drop-down, you must provide the Wall name.

  • If you have sent this workspace to a Wall within two weeks: click the Wall Name field, and a drop-down list opens, displaying the Wall(s) you have recently sent the workspace to. Select the appropriate Wall from the list.
  • If you sent the workspace to a Wall more than two weeks ago: you must enter the Wall name manually.
    report workspace issue field for Wall
  1. Selecting the Consent checkbox provides authorization to collect data upon issue submission.

  2. When you are finished, click Submit. A message appears, confirming your Bluescape Support request.

When you click Submit, several background processes are initiated to include the collection of device-specific environment information, applicable workspace statistics, and account profile information along with Web and Wall logs. In addition, the system creates an Incident Report that includes this data. Upon receipt, Bluescape Support drafts an email (which contains a case number) and sends this message to the member who submitted the ticket; this email provides the member with reassurance that the reported issue is being addressed. Bluescape Support then proceeds with the ticket resolution process.

Note: For private Bluescape instances, these Incident Reports are received by your IT department. As such, they will invoke internal protocols to investigate the ticket and find a resolution.

Still unsure of matters? Ask the community. Be sure to include any helpful screenshots (that don’t show personal or proprietary information).