Setting Admin Approval for Guest Invites in the Configuration Center

Administrators can set mandatory admin approval for guest invitations to Bluescape using the Configuration Center.

  1. As an Administrator, go to your My Bluescape landing page.
  2. In the upper right, click the :settings: (Admin) icon to launch the Configuration Center.
  3. The Configuration Center opens. Click the Configuration Center :settings: (Settings) icon.
  4. Toggle the slider to enable the Visitors require admin approval function.

Adding Allowed and Blocked Domains:

To add allowed domains for automatic approval and/or blocked domains for automatic exclusion for visitor invitations, add the domain name to the appropriate field and press ADD.

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Great info here! Recently, in Config-center we have renamed guests to visitors.

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@Shripriya - Thanks for this! I’ve modified the article with the updated terminology.