Resending a Guest Invitation

After you add a guest to a workspace, the guest must accept your email invitation to join Bluescape. If they have trouble finding the email invitation, you can easily resend the invite by following the steps below.

To resend a guest’s invitation:

  1. On the My Bluescape home page, click the additional (more options) icon of the workspace you invited the guest to join.

  2. A context menu opens. Click the Collaborators option.

  3. The Collaborators page opens. Locate the guest’s name in the collaborator list.

  4. Click the additional (more options) icon next to the guest’s name.

  5. A context menu opens. Click Resend Invite.

    The invitation email is sent again to the guest’s email address.

Note: If you are an Organization Owner or Admin, you can also resend a guest’s invitation from the Configuration Center.