Removing a user from an Organization using the Configuration Center

Organization Owners and Admins can delete members from the Users page in the Configuration Center. This removes them from the selected Bluescape Organization. Organization Owners and Admins can also transfer all workspaces owned by that member to another member in the organization.

To remove users:

  1. As an Administrator, go to your Bluescape Home landing page.
  2. Click the :settings: (Admin) icon from your Bluescape Home.
  3. Select the Users icon (Users) tab in the Configuration Center.
  4. Use the dropdown to search for the Organization the member needs to be removed from under Selected organization.
    Selected Organization
  5. Search for the member’s email address that needs to be removed.
  6. Click to select the checkbox next to the member’s name in the list.
  7. Click the Trash can (Delete) icon that displays at the top of the page.
  8. The Remove Member pop-up window opens to confirm that you want to delete this member from the Organization.
    Note: When members are removed from an Organization, their workspaces are not removed with them. If the Organization Owner or Admin performs the removal, they can assign those workspaces to another member with the drop-down menu.
    Remove member from an organization and assign workspaces to another member
  9. Click OK to confirm.
    The user is removed from the Organization.
    Note: This action is permanent.

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