Receive Notification When Workspace is Updated

Is there a way for everyone in a workspace to receive some sort of notification once an update has been made by the admin? Our team wants to be able to know the moment new information has been added.

Hi, @Pirates1123 :wave: Great to have you here!

Is your question regarding changes made in the workspace, like adding content and/or commenting on objects? Something like an activity log? If not, we do have notifications for system updates, as the workspace will ask you to refresh to update.

Hi @stefanieo,

My question pertains to changes made in the workspace (e.g. adding content). Thank you!

Good to know. We are working on a workspace activity log and hope to release it soon. In the meantime, I’ve added your question to the product feedback category of the community. This allows others to vote on it and helps us keep track to notify you when the feature has been released.

Please reach out if you have additional questions or feedback. :smiley:

Great! I feel like receiving a notification when additions are made is vital for a team to stay up to date on changes. Please keep me posted!

I want to ensure that what we chatted about offline is shared with other community members. Team members can use the comments feature to mention everyone in the workspace. This will send all workspace collaborators an email notification of the comment made.