Pre-Provisioning Users in the Configuration Center

Support Note
This topic This feature is limited to Bluescape Enterprise customers only. Pre-provisioning must be enabled by Bluescape Support. Contact us by replying on-thread to this topic for further assistance.

Enterprise customers that do not have external email access for security purposes can now pre-provision users in the Configuration Center.

To pre-provision users

Before you start:
Pre-provisioning must be enabled by Bluescape. If you are an Enterprise customer and you require access to pre-provisioning, reply to this topic to engage Bluescape Support.

Using an Email Address

  1. From Bluescape Home, open the Config Center by selecting the :settings: icon.
  2. Go to Members and select New Member.
  3. Enter your user’s details, including their email address, the password expiry period, and the user’s intended Bluescape role.
  4. Select Continue.

    Users are provisioned with a preset password. Password expiry can be configured and regenerated.

Using a CSV file

Enterprise Customers can also add multiple members simultaneously by typing a list of email addresses separated by commas, colons, or spaces or adding the names using a CSV file. For the latter, click the Add with CSV button.

To add one or more new members:

  1. From Bluescape Home, open the Config Center by selecting the :settings: icon.
  2. Go to Members and select New Member.
  3. The New Member dialog opens. Select Add with CSV.

Your CSV file must meet the following requirements:

  • The file must have a header row. Specifically, the first line of the file should be Email,role - with capitalization.
  • The subsequent rows below the header role should contain the email address of the members to be added, separated by a comma, with no space between the two values. For example,, member.
  • Roles are assigned using the New Member dialog (not in the CSV file).
  • The file must be saved as a .CSV file, not an .XLS or .XLSX file
  • For a list of formatting requirements, see CSV, Comma Separated Values (RFC 4180)
    Note: Above link goes to an external site.
  • Your data should appear similar to the following:

    CSV Format for pre-provisioning users
  1. Once complete, click OK.

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