Popsync Next Steps: 3 Ways to Add to your Search

Have you completed your first (or 5th) Popsync image search? :poppy: Curious what else you can do with your results? You're in the right place. Here are three things that will take your search to the next level.

1. Gather the best images on a new canvas

Duplicate images, drag them to the new canvas, or copy and paste. Moving your top images into a separate canvas will make supporting the next step in your workflow or decision-making easy.

Moving Top Selects from Popsync into a Canvas

2. Comment on the images to make notes or engage others

You can comment on the entire image or pixels within the image. Everything saves automatically. If you forgot where you commented, select it, and the workspace navigates you to the exact place you commented.

3. Continue your search

Not finding what you’re looking for? Select Show more to view additional images from your selected content provider(s). Found one you really like? Get more with Show similar images - or, better yet, search a new keyword and explore content from the other image providers.

What do you do directly after a Popsync image search? Let us know in the comments. :arrow_down:

Where to Next?

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