Managing Organizations in the Configuration Center

In the Configuration Center, you can filter the Organizations that display in the list on the Organizations page. You can also search for a specific Organization.

Filtering and Searching for Organizations

To search for a specific Organization:

  1. Select the search field at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter your query into the search field.
  3. The Organizations list updates to match your search query.

You can filter Organizations or search results by the following categories:

  • Organization name
  • Owner email
  • Organization status

To filter Organizations:

  1. Select filters at the top of the screen.
  2. A pop-over area opens. Use the fields and radio buttons to control the filtering options:
  3. The results automatically filter in the list below the pop-over area.
  4. To collapse the filter area, select filters option again. The filter category appears at the top of the screen:

    To remove the filter, select the blue X icon.

Note: When you filter and search for results, a unique URL is generated in your browser. You can copy the URL to share with others.

Adding an Organization

To add a new Organization:

  1. Select New Organization.
  2. The New Organization pop-up opens. Enter the name of the new Organization.
  3. Enter the email address of the member you want to be the owner of the new Organization.
    Note: The Organization owner must already have an account in the Instance before they can be made an owner.
  4. The optional date field allows you to set an end date for the Organization. Type a date in the form field or select the calendar icon to select one from the calendar pop-up window.
  5. When you are finished, select OK.

Managing an Organization

You can manage an existing Organization, allowing you to edit certain details and enable or disable settings.

To manage an Organization:

  1. Find the Organization you want to manage in the list. Select :settings: (Settings) to the right of it.
  2. The Manage Organization pop-up opens. Here you can view the following:
  • Organization name*
  • Organization owner
  • Organization owner’s email address*
  • Expiration date*
  • Lock organization - This setting is used to revoke access to an Organization but not remove it. The Organization continues to appear in the Organizations list in the Configuration Center. Be aware that the Organization is not visible to its members when locked.
  • Single sign-on - Use this option to enable single sign-on for the Organization.
  • Delete - This setting is used to delete an Organization from the Instance, removing it from the Organization list.

An * indicates an editable field.

To view settings details for an Organization, select expand (Expand). The following details display in an expanded list:

  • Settings - Displays the features enabled in that Organization from the Settings page of the Configuration Center.
  • Custom Roles - Indicates whether the custom roles feature is enabled or disabled for that Organization. For more information on custom roles, see User Roles Overview.
  • Integrations - Indicates whether the Organization has any associated integrations. This information is also available on the Integrations page of the Config Center.
  • SSO - Indicates whether the Organization uses Single sign-on (SSO).
  • Owner - Displays the email address of the Organization Owner.

To collapse the list, select the collapse button.

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