Introduce Yourself and Meet the Community Team 👋

Oh trust me, I’ve barely scratched the surface after even that long, looking forward to knowing more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for sure!! Thanks for the warm welcome!


Eric Holt here. I am a professor a the Burns School of Real Estate and Construction Management, at the University of Denver. We are installing Bluescape within our program and an 18’ wide touch screen wall in one of our classrooms. I am looking for teaching resources on how academics use Bluescape for teaching, research, and connecting with industry. Plus I have a list of features I would like to see added. Where can we post those future feature requests?


Hi @eric-holt-DU. We are looking forward to learning how you leverage Bluescape in the classroom. Are you searching for workspace resources like templates and top tools to use?

EDU case studies are on the Bluescape website and videos highlighting Bluescape in the education space. I recommend starting with GVSU + Bluescape and How to Create a Productive Virtual Classroom in Bluescape. :slight_smile:

Please share feature requests in our product feedback category of the community (currently under the support section). You can also vote on existing feature requests and feedback to show your support and agreeance with other Bluescapers.


You Rock!

Thank you for all the links.



Hello everyone!

My name is Srikanth, I have joined Bluescape in April 2022 as Customer Deployment Engineer and i’m really enjoying the team culture and work environment here. Hopefully, I would contribute the knowledge that i’ve acquired through my past experiences for the growth of my company. Looking forward to learning and contributing to the community! :blush: :smiley:


Welcome to the Community (and Bluescape), @Srikanth.P! :smiley: No worries, we have no doubt that you will learn more about Bluescape while also massively contributing to the conversation here. See you around! :wave:

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Hello All! My name is Lisa and I recently joined Haworth as a Global Accounts Manager, based in NY. While I am a So Cal native and currently in LA, I am packing up to move east in the next few weeks. That ought to be loads of fun with my cat stuffed in a fat cat bubble back pack on the plane! It was suggested during my onboarding this week, that I register and learn how I may be able to make use of Bluescape.

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:tada: Very exciting news about your big move, @llamprich - congrats on your new role! :slight_smile: We hope it’s a smooth transition for both you and your cat! Wishing you luck.

The first few weeks in a new role can be overwhelming - so many systems and products to familiarize yourself with. To help you start building in Bluescape right away, we suggest you read our Getting Started Guide. This guide covers the basic functions of Bluescape and will help you jump right into creating in a workspace.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or product feedback along the way… the community team is always here to assist! You can learn more about using the community here.

Chat soon, @llamprich.

Hi everyone! My name is Andrii, I’m a Software Engineer in the Northstar team :wave:

I joined Bluescape in Jan 2022, currently located in Vinnytsia, Ukraine :ukraine:. I am planning to move to Canada (Waterloo area) with my family once it is possible.
I really enjoy the work culture here and the possibility to have a good work-life balance)

I love taking photos of animals and insects, cooking (especially Asian recipes), and playing kalimba :notes:

Look forward to discovering more about Bluescape Community and starting contributing to it :slight_smile:


Hey y’all I joined Bluescape two days ago!

I’m looking forward to how Bluescape can help organize with the movement towards global digital collaboration. My primary focus for now will be in testing.

Outside of the scape I enjoy climbing in the KW area at Grand River Rocks Waterloo.


I’ve never heard of Bluescape being referred to as “the scape” :joy: I love it!

Just join Bluescape. Want to use it for Project Mangement and Agile Team Collaboration.


Welcome, @MicheleS! :wave: First off, thank you for joining the Bluescape Community. We’re so excited to have you here.

There are many top tools to create within the workspace. Do you like to work within a ready-made structure? If so, I’d recommend checking out some of our template topics, such as #agile and #planning. You can also view all templates Bluescape offers by viewing our Template Library.

If you’re more of a builder :hammer_and_wrench:, you can check out Workspace Toolbar.

Please do not hesitate to create a topic or reply for any questions you have. Everyone is here to help! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, I’m Joe and I’m a SysAdmin for the NDRC in Bellevue NE. I support DoD research and we are in the Cloud with a few providers. We are looking into Bluescape for collaboration [obviously] and my Director(s) wants to know if we can set up things like Microsoft Project or similar in Bluescape, i.e., Milestones, Gantt charts, etc. If this is possible it would save my teams time and duplication of effort. It’s nice to be a part of Bluescape!

Welcome, @jdowling! You’ve come to the right place. Bluescape offers over 200 templates and the capability to build custom templates that can be shared with your team members. Templates are the fastest way to leverage repeatable frameworks/tools.

Our APIs also support customizations to pull up-to-date information and display it via our workspace tools for continued collaboration. You can learn more in our developer category. If you’d like to be connected to a subject matter expert or have additional questions, let us know. :slight_smile:

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hi everyone, EhsanRT here ,<3

Welcome @ehsanrt! Thanks for spending time with us. :slight_smile: looking forward to having you be part of our community.

Please let us know if there is anything you need help with, or if you’re looking for any specific information as you create in Bluescape.

Hi everyone! I’m James :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, @Jamessmith0901 :wave: Welcome, we’re happy you’re here!

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Thank you so much for the warm welcome, @stefanieo ! I’m excited to be a part of this community. :slightly_smiling_face: