Integrating your Dropbox Account with Popsync

Support Note
This topic is not relevant to all Bluescape members and may not apply to all Teams. If you’re unsure whether your Team has this integration, please reach out to your IT department.

Dropbox and Popsync

Those that use Dropbox for cloud storage can connect it to Popsync, allowing users to search, find, and use images faster.

1. Getting started

  1. Access the Dropbox Developer Site.
  2. Select Create apps.

  3. The Create a new app on the DBX Platform page appears. Select the following:
  • Choose the access you need: Full Dropbox
  • Name your app: Give your app a name
  • I agree to Dropbox API Terms and Conditions: Read and agree to the terms and conditions to continue
    Once complete, press Create app.

  1. Note the OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret.

2. After completing your Dropbox setup

  1. After purchasing Popsync with Cloud Drive Search, send a request to indicating which of your Bluescape Team(s) you want Popsync Dropbox Search enabled.

  2. Log into Bluescape as the Team Admin, and select the Team you want Popsync Dropbox Search enabled. Click on Team Settings and select the Popsync tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Digital asset management integrations section. Select Manage under the Dropbox logo.

  4. A Configuration screen appears. Enter the following values, leaving the others to their default values:
       a. Connection Name (name that appears to users in their Popsync provider list).
       b. OAuth Client Id (from steps, above).
       c. OAuth Client Secret (from steps above).

  5. Toggle ON Enable this Dropbox instance with Popsync search.

  6. Select Save.

3. Test your configuration

  1. Log in to Bluescape Home.

  2. At the left, under Teams, select a Popsync-configured Bluescape Team.

  3. Create a new Workspace.

  4. Open the Popsync provider list. The new Dropbox entry is present.

  5. Select the Login button next to it and use your username and password to allow Popsync access to your data.

  6. Confirm that a Popsync search of your Dropbox system works.


  • It is possible to create a parent-folder-filtered search using the Advanced tab in the Popsync Configuration form. You can filter the search to a single parent folder by entering the folder ID.
  • It is also possible to create multiple search entries for Popsync by selecting New Instance under the Select Instance field at the top of the Enable Search form.
  • Each Bluescape user’s corresponding user must be given access to that drive’s folders to search content. If a user cannot use search to find their content, Popsync can also not find it.

The above instructions assume you are using standard Bluescape and SaaS services. If you are using custom, on-premises, or special (VPI) deployments of either service, contact Bluescape Support.

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