Integrating Box with Popsync

Box and Popsync

Have you migrated to Box for your cloud storage needs? Connect to Popsync for seamless image searches of your Box Drive.

1. Getting Started

  1. Log on to the Box Developer’s Console.
  2. Select Create New App.
  3. Choose Custom App.
  4. Choose User Authentication (OAuth 2.0)
  5. Enter an App Name (for example, “Box App for Bluescape Popsync”).
  6. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and store them in a secure, safe place (encrypted note, etc.)
  7. Under Redirect URIs, replace with the following:


  1. Under Content Actions, only one Application Scope is required: “Read all files and folders stored in Box,” making note that, “Access to content is further restricted by the users’ permission…” This means that Bluescape Popsync users are only allowed to search the areas they have been given permission to search.
  2. Select Save Changes in the upper right.
  3. Go to Admin Console > Apps > Custom Apps Manager at this link:
  4. Make sure your app is listed and authorized.

2. Add a New Popsync Box Configuration (Org Admin)

  1. After purchasing Popsync Box Search, send a request to indicating which of your Bluescape Orgs you want Popsync Box Search enabled.

  2. For each Bluescape Org you would like to use Popsync Box Search, log on as an Org Admin at this link:

  3. Select Integrations > MANAGE (under the Box logo).


  4. A configuration window appears. Enter these three values, leaving the others to their default values:
    a. Connection Name (name that appears to users in their Popsync provider list).
    b. OAuth Client Id (from Box Admin steps, above).
    c. OAuth Client Secret (from Box Admin steps, above).
    d. Select OK.

  5. Select OK.

3. Test your configuration

  1. Log into Bluescape Home.
  2. At the left, under Teams, select a Popsync Box configured Bluescape Organization.
  3. Create a new Workspace.
  4. Open the Popsync provider list. The Box entry is present.
  5. Select the Login button next to it and use your Box username and password to allow Popsync access to your Box data.
  6. Confirm that a Popsync search of your Box system works.


  • It is possible to create a parent-folder-filtered search using the Advanced tab in the Popsync Configuration form. You can filter the search to a single parent folder by entering the folder ID.
  • It is also possible to create multiple search entries for Popsync by selecting New Instance under the Select Instance field at the top of the Enable Search form.
  • Each Bluescape user’s corresponding user must be given access to that drive’s folders to search content. If a user cannot use search to find their content, Popsync can also not find it.

The above instructions assume you are using standard Bluescape and SaaS services. If you are using custom, on-premises, or special (VPI) deployments of either service, contact Bluescape Support.

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