How to Resize a Canvas

You can increase or decrease a canvas size when you need to add or remove assets.

To resize a canvas:

  1. Access a workspace canvas.

  2. To select, click or tap the Canvas title which can be found in the top-left of the canvas – to ensure the selection is made, boundary or anchor points will be visible around the canvas.

  3. Click and hold (Web) or tap and hold (Wall) the border of the canvas, dragging one of the anchor points outward to increase or inward to decrease – releasing when you have achieved the preferred size.

Note: As you adjust the canvas to your preferred size, ensure each asset is within the visible boundary as designated by the anchor points. Any asset that extends the boundary is not part of the canvas and, as such, will remain stationary when/if the canvas is moved.

When resizing, press and hold the Shift key to maintain the aspect ratio.

To learn more about Canvases read Canvas Overview.