How to Pin a Canvas

You can pin a canvas to a workspace so that the canvas cannot be moved or resized. When you pin a canvas, you can still move its contents – adding and removing assets as needed.

To pin a canvas:

  1. Tap the canvas title in the top-left, just above the border of the canvas. The entire canvas is highlighted, and a toolbar opens.
  2. Click :more_options: (More). A flyout menu appears.
  3. Click on Pin.

The canvas is now pinned and in a stationary position. To confirm that your canvas is pinned, look for the :pin: (Pin) icon in the top left corner of your canvas.

To unpin a canvas, follow the above steps and click Unpin.

The same actions can be performed on both the web and wall client.

To learn more about Canvases, check out Canvas Overview.

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