Hello The Lounge!

Hi I’m Ed. Feel free to say hello.

Ill check back once I read all these instructions…

Hello. :wave:t4:

Sounds like you’re brand new to using Bluescape. Did I guess right?

~ Michelle


Good guess!! I created an account yesterday. I’m still working my way through the tutorials.

Any suggestions?

Sweet. Welcome to the club!

I know you’ll find lots of cool things to use Bluescape for. Just this morning, I got a bunch of productivity tips that I’m already thinking “how can I use a workspace for these…” :thinking:

What tutorials are you digging into?

I’d recommend going through the Getting Started guide for new Bluescape members. Additionally, if you’re a more visual person, you can find video content easily on this tag page: #video-clip

Now you’re a Bluescaper? How’s day 2 going?