Greet our new friend, Poppy

Who is @Poppy?

A blue Quaker parrot eager to see what Bluescapers are up to. Around here, we call her Poppy the Bluescape Spokesparrot.

She speaks her mind but never minds what she speaks. You never know what will come out of her beak. She’s looking forward to being an active member just like you, so don’t be surprised if she flies in with some insights out of the blue.

Get to know Poppy better, she loves the attention. Let’s try to make her feel welcome, reply with an @mention.


Hey @Poppy! Can’t wait to see what creative ideas you inspire in our workspaces. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I picture you making waves. Welcome to the team.

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What a clever bird you are, @Poppy. We’re all about teamwork, so you’ll fit right in. You’ll glide right into the conversation. :wink:

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Wait, what? I don’t swim.


That rhymes. I love rhymes.


Welcome aboard, @Poppy ! The community is a great place to discover more about your new home. I know time will fly as you learn your way around in record time. We’re all here to help.

Thanks, @AlliH. How fast can I upload images?

Was that a trick question, @Poppy? You know is the quickest way to populate images into a workspace.


Word Up! Love what you’re throwin’ down, Poppy!


Got my own room that is better than webex and Zoom combined

Hey @Poppy ! Welcome to the community. I’m new to this community as well. Can’t wait to explore the community with you!

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With me!? Can we race?

1st one to get a new Badge posts a picture here.

The best first badge to collect as a new member: Read Guidelines :1st_place_medal:

And welcome, @Mayuresh_Joshi. You can also follow in @Poppy’s footsteps and post an introduction for other community members to get to know you.

Happy exploring, you two!