Finding Configuration Center Settings in Bluescape Home Admin

Bluescape’s Configuration Center is leaving Bluescape in August 2023. All administrative functionality previously found in the Configuration Center is now available by accessing Bluescape Home.

You can use the following table to find the function you previously used in the Configuration Center in Bluescape Home. For full instructions on using the functionality found within Bluescape Home, see Administrative Functionality in Bluescape Home.

Name of location and function in:

Configuration Center Bluescape Home Admin Page
Overview of Organizations to which you have Admin access Not required - User and Team settings can be managed in Member and Team settings
Adding new members Member settings
See invited members Member settings
Removing Members Member settings
Regenerate a member’s password Member settings
Change a member’s Organization role Member settings
Resend a visitor’s invitation to join Bluescape Member settings
Enable or disable a member’s ability to add visitors to a workspace Team settings
Enable or disable visitors requiring administrator approval to join when invited Team settings
Enable Box access for multiple users Popsync
Workspace owners can archive their own workspaces Workspace settings
Workspace owners can delete their own workspace Workspace settings
Workspace members can share with anyone in their team Workspace settings
Workspace members can Share with anyone with a link Workspace settings
Workspace members can use the Social Sharing Workspace settings
Auto-allow or auto-block certain email domains Team settings
Toggle access to different Popsync image search providers Popsync
Work with Integrations added to your organization Integrations
Bluescape usage analytics for Organizational administrators Analytics

You’re ready to open Bluescape and use these administrator tools! :bluescape_home: