Extracting a PDF in a Workspace (Web)

After you upload a PDF file into a workspace, you can extract each page so that each one becomes an individual asset. Any annotations you made on the document are retained on the extracted pages. This is useful during presentations and review processes.

To extract a PDF in a workspace:

  1. Click to select a PDF file you have previously uploaded to a workspace.

  2. The asset is highlighted in blue, and a toolbar displays. Click the :more_options: (More) icon.

  3. A context menu opens. Click the Extract Pages option.

  4. The Extract pop-up window opens. Select whether you want to extract all pages of the PDF or a specific range.

  5. Select whether you want the extracted paged to be in a single row, a single column, or grid format.

  6. Click Continue.

The pages display in the workspace in the format you selected, next to the original PDF file. The original is unchanged. The image below displays the extracted pages in a single row.

You can click to select an individual page and interact with it as a workspace asset.

Note: You can extract up to 200 pages at a time.

This extract feature also works for PPT, MS Word.

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