Event Planning Templates

The Event Planning template is used by a Marketing group to plan a trade show, customer event, or employee event.

The template has three canvases (areas).

The first canvas contains high-level information about the event, as well as a place to capture the names and roles of each primary Marketing team member who will be taking a leading role in the event. At the bottom of this canvas, there is an area to capture ideas, possible speakers and topics, and inspiration for the event’s look and feel.

The second canvas contains a calendar. It’s used to capture the dates of the event along with any due dates or milestones. An example of a due date would be a deposit for the venue rental or the latest date to send email reminders for event registration.

The third canvas holds the main items for the event. To the left is a section to capture all of the marketing activities that need to take place for the event to be successful, from Logistics to Design, Promotions, and Communications, and Program and Speaker planning. Use the included notecards to track tasks, moving the cards from “To Do” to “In Progress” or “Blocked” and finally “Done”. In the middle of the canvas, place the names and roles of all employees who will be working at the event. At the right of the canvas, upload any content that has been developed for the event, such as branded emails, speaker spotlights, floor plans, and promotional videos.

Tip: After the event, consider saving or this workspace (instead of deleting it) so you can reuse elements the next time you hold the event.

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