Enable Reactions on Text Boxes and other objects

Reactions feature feedback. Users like this feature, but are confused as to why it doesn’t apply on text labels and shapes, which are used just as much as notecards (in our environment). They would like to see this feature availability on all bluescape objects.

Also, more than a few people mentioned that although the smiley-face is the icon that indicates the reactions menu… no smiley face is actually available to choose. Not sure how important this is, but I have heard it at least half a dozen times by now.

Hey @Nate! All great feedback about reactions, we’re so glad to hear that members are enjoying and using them.

In the latest version of Bluescape, you can add reactions to many objects, except textboxes, canvases, or browsers. We will pass along your comments about adding reactions to text, etc. to the product team.
I also see why members could expect to see a smiley face in the reaction options.

A ticket has been created: [Discourse] Enable Reactions on Text Boxes and other objects