Emoji Reactions 🔥 New Feature for Web

You can now share feedback for great ideas and work by adding emojis to content in the workspace! You can add emojis to content including notecards, images, and other file-backed assets.

Go to the smile (Reactions) menu, select one and see a count of emojis collaborators have selected – the count will be visible at the top right corner of each asset.
Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 12.46.42 PM

Emoji reactions are a great method to facilitate simple voting sessions and get real-time feedback.

If you wish to hide emojis, this can be done on an individual level or globally by the workspace leader. In your workspace, go to the Dot (Options) menu. From View settings, select Show reactions to toggle on or off.

Are you excited about this new feature? How will you use emojis reactions in your workspace? Hit Reply below!

This was part of the September 2021 release.

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